Know What’s Really In Your Store Bought Juice

Found this awesome article about juice labels on and wanted to share (very informative, check it out).

I can’t tell you how many people I know think that if something has an organic label than it is “good for you”. Or if it says “100% Juice” or “All Natural” that it is healthy (wrong).

I spend way too long grocery shopping, because I legit inspect the ingredients listed on the labels! Call me meticulous, anal, weird, but I care about the quality of the food I eat. If I am paying good money for a seemingly “quality” health product, I don’t want to be tricked into buying something for the label alone.

As the picture above demonstrates, 100% Juice does NOT mean anything. Your “100%” juice product is loaded with additives and flavorings that preserve shelf life, enhance color and, in some cases, harm you.

Ever wonder why some snacks and drinks are so addicting? Some of the flavorings added contain MSG, which is a known excitotoxin (overexcites your cells to death, which creates the HAVE TO HAVE IT craving)… It’s a cheap factory created chemical that enhances the food/drinks flavor. Hm. Sounds a lot like sugar. No bueno.

For some more info on food labeling and the dangers of hidden additives (for example MSG & aspartame) check out FoodBabe‘s site, Truth In Labeling, MSG Truth, Experience Life & Natural News

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