New Beginnings

I’ve noticed my posts have taken a very personal and reflective spin the past few months. They’re a far cry from my original diet, wellness and fitness tips- which was originally meant to be the core subject matter. That was the inspiration for even starting a blog. My focus in life was primarily MY health and well being- mind, body, soul.  Along the way I lost focus, as unexpected circumstances captured my attention.

Isn’t it funny? How sometimes the most cliche sayings can capture what you want to say better than any deep sentiment…

Energy flows where attention goes 

Of course I’m still passionate about health and wellness, but I’m also passionate about my relationships and those I love.

Although the official “New Year” month is nearly over, I’ve stuck to my resolution of putting MY primary needs -health, mind, body, spirit, wellbeing- first.

Any day can be the day you make a “new years resolution”, because EVERYDAY is a new year, a new day, a new beginning. Say goodbye to the past and start living for you, today 🙂

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