Why I Write: Self-Reflections and Musings

I write …a lot.

I write, simply, because I have to. Writing is not just something that I do, it is a part of my very life-force. It is who I am. As much as I despise routine and repetition, I am committed to honing my skills and carve out a few hours each day to draft some sort of essay, poem, musing, or journal entry. I write, because I am compelled by an unequivocal need to express what I see and feel inside myself.

Society force feeds us the notion that emotional intensity and sensitivity are liabilities, but these are the very things that move me to write! They are the aspects of my humanity that make me feel most alive. There is an abundance of creative and emotional energy bleeding through my veins …and I don’t always know what to do with it. The perennial tension between authenticity and normalcy truly drives me mad at times, but writing helps me to make sense of it all and reach a state of equilibrium. It allows me to capture and analyze the best and worst parts of myself while escaping the mundane.

I need to know myself as a whole and to express myself as a whole, that is, to be a whole. ~ Mme de Salzmann

I communicate best through written word. At times my mind moves too fast for my mouth to keep up, so words often escape me with verbal speech. When I write, I’m able to formulate my thoughts and communicate at my own pace; it feels authentic and flows. Blogging and drafting articles quenches my thirst for knowledge. Article writing allows me to research interesting topics, expand my mind, and invite others to think.

I see the process of writing as a series of creative moments, which, if not recorded in words, will disappear forever. Writing is a way for me to paint pictures with words, speak my truth, and somehow capture the beauty of aliveness.

I have been a writer since the second grade, back when my first poem, which was inspired by my grandmothers death, won a national poetry contest. Learning how to channel my emotions into a creative outlet helped me mourn, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t choose writing …it chooses you.

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