Personal Commentary

We tend to interact with the world based on what has happened in our past.  That being said, I have voluntarily spent more time alone in the last few years than in the rest of my years all put together. At least, it feels that way. For some unequivocal reason, I felt compelled to start looking within and asking why?

Once I began examining my inner world, all of the limiting pseudo-narratives ingrained in my psyche became more apparent. The more cognizant I became of these unconscious, negative, and self-depreciating thoughts, the more I learned about myself. 

Changing our mindset is paramount to how we learn how to value ourselves.

I have spent the last few years unlearning the lies that a lifetime of hurt left me believing to be true. I gave myself permission to:

…take personal responsibility for myself

…engage in a time of retreat to deepen my relationship with myself and the world

…reclaim my life from societal conditioning and outside sources

…make a conscious change in the core beliefs and behaviors that were not serving me anymore 

…reconnect with my body

…become a dynamic, authentic, and nuanced person

…begin my transition into freedom.

Currently, I am taking all that I’ve learned and making a genuine effort to live consciously and deliberately.